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Polo Assn. Tablets 7 - 7. What is Free shipping program? What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? I glug it down after eating and if I feel thirsty because it has this ice cold, fresh, tasty sweet flavour! As a kid right up until I left home at 18 I would pack away most of the household milk and get reprimanded for it. I gave up tea which I was addicted to at home! And I get told off for using all the milk again. I realised how bad I was last night when I was alone in the house, replaced the milk for the other half for when he came home and I polished off that 4 pint carton to myself!!

I have always suffered from digestive problems until I decided to give up dairy. As a little girl, I had serious constipation issues. They were so bad that I was prescribed a laxative every day until I became regular. I also more recently suffered from chronic stomach aches, bloating, and gas. Some of the attacks would be worse that others, but I never could figure out why. One day my roommate who is both gluten and dairy free told me that it might be lactose intolerance and I should try giving up diary.

I gave up lactose for a week, and I suddenly felt so much better! The gas, bloating, and stomach aches that I was so accustomed to went away. I became more regular because I was replacing all of the dairy in my diet with fiber-rich foods with lots of nutrition. I still eat dairy every once and a while, but only during special occasions. I have to stay away from milk, ice cream, and butter on an empty stomach.

But everything else works for me on those special occasions. I remember being pregnant and the nutritionist trying to shove dairy down my throat. I have always hated milk because like the author says it stinks. She went home and poured herself some milk and took a whiff just to see if I knew what I was talking about. To this very day she does not drink milk either… hahahaha. I can even leave ice cream at the store.

Burton the Sneezing Cow

Now how do I just say no to the cheese! I grew up in the dairy state Wisconsin and really hated the taste of milk. I could tolerate it only if I could knock off some cookies or cake at the same time. One summer after our evening meal I ran out to play with the neighborhood kids, and left my full glass of milk sitting on the table.

Sometime later, my mother called me in and forced me to drink that vile stuff. By then it could have been harboring all sorts of vicious bugs, but nobody knew those things back then.

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Yeah, the stuff stinks to high heaven…besides NOT doing a body good. Thank you for doing this site — I find it really interesting to hear other peoples stories. I have been a vegetarian for 27 years. I am now permanently off all dairy since having recently suffered a sudden onset of horrendous sinus problems stomach cramps and facial eczema.

I keep reading all the good reasons why people have given up because it is encouraging when giving up a major food group. I am now vegan and look forward to trying new recipes and facing the challenges ahead. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years eating dairy. I have had the same issue with horrendous sinus problems. A sudden onset of facial eczema, stomach cramps. Since watching the Earthlings Documentary by Joaquin Phoenix can be seen on u tube A Must to see if you care for yourself others and Animals, where your food comes from and what is put in t before we eat it.

A Graphic Horrific way about the Truth how societies treatment in dairy and meat industry treat Animals. For me it was like watching a German Death Camp for Animals.

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This has had a profound in pact on my life. Its now changed my life for the better, and im very proud to say im now a Vegan. Since not eating Dairy the eczema is clearing and less stomach cramps, and I feel so much better already, and its only been a month! I very much look forward to learning about a more compassionate life style.

I will spread the word to shine the light to Help others too. Since giving up dairy my stomach feels better, my eczema is gone, my skin is clearer, and so is my nose! Now if I have dairy butter is snuck into so many foods I feel sick within a few minutes. When I dropped dairy in , I used alternatives like almond and soy. Now I can also play sports much easier by focusing on the sport instead of trying to breathe through half a nostril. Also, turns out I was lactose intolerant anyway. This post is very informative, you have really dived deep into the reasons for quitting dairy.

Knowing your reasons for quitting dairy is extremely important to actually being able to quit.

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  • Health: the dangers of infant cow's milk allergy going undiagnosed?

There are also a few other things however that we need to do to successfully quit dairy. I have given up dairy because of a DVD that I watched. Ew, why would you want to drink pus??? Generally dairy products contain lots of fat which affects your body weight so if you are the heavy weighted person you should avoid to eat dairy products to keep your health good. For someone who travels globally visiting dairy farms and works in this area most importantly the welfare side I take offense to some of the things being stated here.

It is a nice article with some valid points. I especially liked your facts on plant calcium sources in plants, but some of your arguments here are completely ignorant especially to the guy who stated that somatic cells in milk is pus…. I noticed a huge difference when I ditched dairy. My pre-menopause symptoms were gone and my PMS was gone.

It was hard but so worth it! Interesting information. One factual correction: In Canada growth hormones are not permitted for dairy cattle. All milk is tested prior to processing.

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Thanks for the note Griselda. Received your email as well, thanks for adding the info. You forgot to mention the yuckiest reason of all to stop drinking milk: it has pus in it! Because the cows are milked for hours on end with metal clamps fastened to their udders, they get chronic sores which become infected. The pus from these infections seeps straight into the milk.


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The cells are merely dead. In the average liter of milk there are literally hundreds of millions of dead pus cells.

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And this is freely admitted by the USDA! They have a maximum allowable pus level of million cells of pus per liter of milk. I have been experiencing symptoms of lactose intolerance for a few years and have mostly given up dairy but I do cheat once in a while usually pizza and am trying cut it out. My body can seem to handle those goat and sheep cheeses and Greek yogurt. Is it ok to eat these or are they just as bad?

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I am going to be careful for brussels. Lots of other folks will be benefited from your writing. I have been surfing online greater than 3 hours lately, but I by no means discovered any attention-grabbing article like yours.