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The film was met with controversy for featuring an African American protagonist and realistic horror images. More than just a re-creation of the story, the play celebrates the history and influence of the movie. Through a series of multiple endings, the characters are all faced with different issues and challenges while desperately trying to survive the night. However, their contrasting personalities and agendas always seem to prevent the group from working together.

Which leaves us all wondering: Could anyone survive a night of the living dead? MS Any comments or questions about the site contact the webmaster. About NLT. NLT Board of Directors. This Season. On Golden Pond. Special Events. Adult Workshop. Rogers transferred to Rollins College in order to pursue a degree in music and graduated Magna cum laude. In addition to his talent for playing the piano, Rogers was also an incredible songwriter.

Need proof of Rogers's songwriting prowess? He wrote all the songs for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood —plus hundreds more. Whenever Rogers began to feel anxious or overwhelmed, he would play the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song on the piano as a way to calm his nerves. Rogers was a stickler when it came to his daily routine: He started his day at 5 a. Another part of Rogers's daily routine included a daily weigh-in. He liked to maintain a weight of exactly pounds.

Rogers's regular weight of had special meaning to him. Rogers was born near Pittsburgh and lived his whole life in the area. By honoring Rogers with his own holiday, the individuals behind the Day campaign wanted to encourage people to be kind to their neighbors on May 23—and every other day of the year. Rogers took time out of each day to respond to his fan mail, and he responded to each and every letter he received—approximately 50 to letters per day.

They were sacred. Over the many years he worked with children, Rogers spoke very openly about his and their feelings on every sort of topic, from why kids shouldn't be afraid of haircuts to divorce and war. Instead, he invited a black friend, Officer Clemmons, to cool off in his inflatable pool, a subtle nod to desegregation. Rogers conceived and taped a five-episode storyline on the subject in the summer of , which wound up being prescient. In November , president Ronald Reagan ordered the invasion of Grenada to topple a Marxist regime.

If children should hear the news of war, at least they have a handle here, to assist in family communications. Rogers knew children well.

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He knew how they thought, what they liked, what they feared, and what they struggled to understand—and he went to great lengths to ensure he never upset or confused his devoted viewers. Rogers carefully chose his words while filming Mr. He understood that children think in a literal way, and a phrase that might sound perfectly fine to adult ears could be misinterpreted by younger audiences. Rogers explained that he wanted to give children a reason to look forward to Friday the 13th, instead of buying into the negative superstitions that surround the dreaded date.

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Rogers was an ordained minister who preached tolerance wherever he went. It means a lot to me to know that. And, I appreciated the scripture verse that you sent.

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I am an ordained Presbyterian minister, and I want you to know that Jesus is important to me, too. If Rogers used the word mercy , it probably meant that he was feeling overwhelmed. He was typically heard saying it when he sat down at his desk in the morning and saw the mountain of fan mail awaiting him. But mercy was about the strongest word in his vocabulary.

In the opening sequence of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood , the stoplight is always on yellow as a reminder to kids—and their parents—to slow down a little. Rogers wasn't afraid of dead air: He once invited a marine biologist onto the show and put a microphone into his fish tank, because he wanted the kids at home to see and hear that fish make sounds when they eat. While taping the segment, however, the fish weren't hungry so the marine biologist started trying to egg the fish on.

But Rogers just sat there, waiting quietly. The crew figured they'd need to re-tape it, but Rogers didn't want to. He thought it was a great lesson in teaching kids the importance of being patient. Rogers always mentioned out loud that he was feeding his fish because a young blind viewer once asked him to do so. She wanted to know the fish were OK. Rogers was a perfectionist, and very much disliked ad-libbing.

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He felt that he owed it to the kids who watched his show to make sure that every word on his show was thought out. Koko, the Stanford-educated gorilla who understood English words, was an avid fan, too. When Rogers visited once her, she immediately gave him a hug—and took his shoes off.

In an interview with the Archive of American Television, Rogers explained how his mother would knit sweaters for all of her loved ones every year as Christmas gifts. Fred's mother, Nancy Rogers, died in Rogers continued wearing the sweaters she had made for years It also needed to be vibrant.

Nothing fit the bill until Borland saw a United States Postal Service employee walking down the street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—where the show taped—and took note of his cardigan. While being transported to a PBS executive's house, Rogers heard his limo driver say that he was going to have to wait outside for two hours while the party dined—so Rogers insisted that the driver join them for dinner.

On the ride back home, Rogers sat in the front of the car with the driver, who mentioned that they were passing his house on their way back to Rogers's home. So Rogers asked if they could stop in to meet the family. According to the driver, it was one of the best nights of his life: Rogers played piano for the family and chatted with them until late into the night. The internet has stirred up all sorts of bizarre rumors about Rogers, including one that he served in the army and was a sniper in Vietnam and another that he served in the army and was a sniper in Korea.

As exciting as that might make an upcoming biopics, these are both untrue. Rogers argued that recording a program like his allowed working parents to sit down with their children and watch shows as a family.

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Again, he was convincing. LSU professor Don Chance is one of the few people who isn't positive about Rogers's legacy: He believes that Rogers created a, "culture of excessive doting" which resulted in generations of lazy, entitled college students. Rogers was regularly parodied, and he loved it. The first time Eddie Murphy met Mr. Rogers, he couldn't stop himself from giving the guy a big hug. In a article, just a few days after his passing, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that:.

Bloody Disgusting!

It's hard to imagine a gentle, soft-spoken, children's education advocate like Rogers sitting down to enjoy a gory, violent zombie movie like Night of the Living Dead , but it actually aligns perfectly with Rogers's brand of thoughtfulness. He checked out the horror flick to show his support for then-up-and-coming filmmaker George Romero, whose first paying job was with everyone's favorite neighbor.

Rogers Gets a Tonsillectomy. As a result, Rogers made an appearance on Sesame Street in May The video opens with Rogers wearing a suit and tie instead of his usual cardigan sweater. The theme of the segment was competition and, more importantly, maintaining friendships whether you win or lose.