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I am not sure about using 'Bonne nuit! Yes you can, and it's its only usage. Well, that's what my fluent-in-french french teacher said to me. I'm only getting the woman's voice at the moment, but there's no 'e' sound that I can detect. And cute with the bon-ne too: In the first case, because of the liaison, it sounds like the second one exemple. There are two speakers here--one male, one female.

When they pronounce this phrase they say it differently. The man pronounces the 'e' rather distinctly and the lady seems not to pronounce it at all. Are both of these correct? They are both correct, just different accents.

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The male voice is typical of the accent in Southwest France. In France, we use "Bonjour" in the morning, and it's enough. I don't know anybody who says that. I heard once BOn matin in a song for small children and i think it was to show them the word morning.

So, it would be weird here too, to say bon matin instead of bonjour. Yes, I have to correct that. Some Canadians told us here that "bon matin" should be accepted, because it was Canadian French and I believe Duo doesn't check it, and accept things in a little too demagogic way sometimes , but I've checked, and it's recommended to no use "bon matin" on Canadian Teachers sites.

So, if Duo accepts later "bon matin" to please some users, I think it would be a big mistake This person didn't know that a literal translation which has no sense in French, is also an anglicism. There are a lot of anglicisms even though the words are French, and bon matin is one of those.

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There are a lot of links explaining that. Did people ever say bon matin? The ultimate reference for the English language, the Oxford English Dictionary contains no listing for "goodnight", but rather two words, "good night". It is the equivalent of "bonjour" which is said during the day.

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It can sound [uh] if you carefully enunciate; otherwise, you will "suspend" the N sound from "bonne" to "nuit". Why does it say to watch my accents in above response. Since when does Good night in English ever have an accent!

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Almost every word in thee English language differs with accents. Some English speakers pronounce "Good Night" like "Good Noigh," and others like to pronounce the T in the end and others don't. Why bonne, not bon? But already I'm seeing many exceptions!

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Why do you write 'Bonne nuit' instead of 'bon nuit' or 'bonnuit'. Why is there an extra ' Then why is it not have a good night but is just good night when bonne journee is have a good day and not just good day? Im confused, as Bonne journee is marked as wrong if i just put, good day instead of have a good day. But bonne soiree is marked wrong if I include the " have a Someone please help me. LeVieuxSieur 8 3 2. Following that format, would it sound natural to use "bon matin" for "good morning"? It's like "Goodbye" is one word and "Good night" is two.

Bonsoir is actually good evening which is technically hello at night. Bonne nuit is goodnight.

Oh right that makes sense. Yeah I should've also said it's a greeting and goodbye in the evening. Goodnight means before going to sleep, Good evening means at a time like when you have dinner. Richard 13 10 9 9. The issue in this string of comments is what to do when you don't know.

The best way to know the gender of a noun is to simply know the gender. Reisam 18 17 11 10 8. But the Cadiens , what was their plot? Genosuicide by the same means? It's hard to look the enemy in the eyes. Sometimes you need a mirror. Le buddha de Basile avait raison : The good times are killing us all. Nowadays, the Ragin' Cajuns Spend their passion on an entry ticket To watch a football game. Soon nothing will remain But the grotesque imitation Of a once enduring people, With just enough tradition left To fill the pages of a tourist brochure.

The buddha of Basile was right: The good times are killing us all.

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Transgression pour transgression? My right to swing my fist Stops at your nose, And your right to wag your tongue Stops at mine. An eye for an eye? Que l'hiver s'en aille. Making wavy marks On this white paper With a pen From an insurance company, Ugly, yes, but good at making wavy marks, Even on this Greyhound Soon to go over the swamp, Taking me back to Lafayette. A quick au revoir to the City, Cut off and cleaned up a long time ago, But at least as interested As Washington and Chicago In importing some music, Bayou eau-de-vie, From the outer bank, From the other world next door Out on the prairie.

If only winter would go away. Live Oak Live oak, Dark And strong, Full of acorns Falling impotent In autumn Onto the new roofs Which have invaded its shade, Cut its roots To lay their foundations, Trimmed back its branches To make room And to upset the squirrels, Lost as they try to go about their business After three hundred years of habit. Goddam, il y a des choses qui devraient compter Juste parce que.

Eux, au moins, ils ont reconnu Que leur culture avait besoin de chanteurs. To save our heritage, You have to sing in French, At any age, Just because.

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You can't buy a crumb of bread With fifty cents of heritage But you can't buy a crumb of heritage With all of the money in the damned American economy. Goddammit, there are some things that should count Just because. Such a treasure, so much talent, Carries with it an even greater responsibility, want it or not. They realized, at least, That their culture needed singers.

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I will not speak French on the school grounds. Et on ne speak pas French on the school grounds Et ni anywhere else non plus. Surtout pas avec les enfants. Don't mind us, we're just poor coonasses. Faut parler anglais.