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Projects that rehabilitate or expand existing infrastructure are included, in addition to new construction projects.

The Geopolitics of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

In addition to our own reporting, we compiled information on these projects from the following sources:. Satellite images from Bing and Google Earth. Road shapes from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Please upgrade your browser. It is the fourth-largest by power output in the country. The port is now controlled by China, which is leasing it for the next 99 years. It is one of at least 63 such plants financed by China around the world, which collectively pollute more than Spain.

Power plant.

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These are among the more than projects around the world that China has financed to win new friends and develop new markets. The World, Built by China. Belt and Road countries are shaded red. North America. South America.

Special Section: The Geopolitics of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative

Some of the dams that China has helped finance or build around the world. Each circle is a single power project. Colombia 2, MW Under construction.

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Angola 2, MW Under const. Nigeria 3, MW Planned. Argentina 1,MW Under const. Laos 1, MW Under const. Pakistan 1, MW Under const. Hoover Dam 2, megawatts. Ecuador 1, MW. Sudan 1, MW. Pakistan MW. Colombia 2, MW. Angola 2, MW. Argentina 1,MW. Laos 1, MW. Each bar is a single power project. Argentina 1, MW. Hoover Dam 2, MW. SyriaSource by Dan Wilkofsky. William F.

He advised multiple Secretaries and helped coordinate interagency policies on a wide range of direct and indirect actions. On Tuesday, November 5, the Hadi government signed a power-sharing agreement with southern separatists in Riyadh. Infighting between them further fractured the civil war in August when the separatists seized Aden from Saudi-led forces. It […]. At their core, the problems in Iraq and Lebanon are the same as those in Iran, as they are in Egypt, Syria, Algeria and elsewhere in the Middle East: castes of entrenched, corrupt and incompetent rulers lord over young populations yearning for better lives.

IranSource by Borzou Daragahi. The growing threats of climate change, migration, natural disasters, and spillover from violent conflict are forcing policy makers to focus on the resilience of their societies and institutions. While not all crises can be avoided, societies can be made more resilient through proper preparation before, during, and after a disaster or shock occurs. The rise of the internet and online social networks has altered the scope and scale at which people access, consume, and communicate information.

But the same technologies that have democratized access to information have also enabled malicious actors who seek to undermine our democratic values and processes. NATO is the bedrock of transatlantic security, encompassing nearly thirty democracies across North America and Europe.

Created to defend against the Soviet Union, the Alliance today protects member states against conventional attack, engages in peacekeeping and stabilization operations, and leads counterterrorism and piracy efforts. A continent of fifty-four nations, Africa holds vast opportunity and promise.

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Its 1. Demand for democracy is high and protest movements have proven that citizen activism can unseat consolidated African strongmen. Stretching from the shores of the Atlantic to the mountains of Central Asia, the European and Eurasian landmass contains both some of the most stable and wealthy countries in the world, as well as some of the poorest and those led by repressive regimes. After centuries of devastating conflicts, new institutions and organizations for economic, political, and security integration provide an opportunity to bring stability READ MORE. Stretching from the Western Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, the Middle East continues to be a region struggling with violent conflict, political repression, and poor development.

Policy Roundtable: Are the United States and China in a New Cold War?

Numerous pro-democracy protest movements, a burgeoning youth population, and efforts to reform governments and lessen economic dependence on oil, however, are causes for optimism. The United States and the international community must remain engaged with the region to provide support for these positive moves and to address the many remaining challenges. Home Issues Regions Search Menu. Iraq Iraqi protestors unite behind demands, not sectarian identities Protests in Iraq are not new.

International Order Global risks update: Decline or new renaissance? Climate change Trump abandons US climate leadership with pact withdrawal The withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is disappointing, but other actors in the United States are prepared to continue the fight against climate change.

China's Xi Meets Turkey's Erdogan in Beijing

Issue Spotlight: Disinformation. Find content from the DFRLab. Sat, Jun 22, Operation Secondary Infektion A Russian-based information operation used fake accounts, forged documents, and dozens of online platforms to spread stories. Wed, Oct 23, Can Beijing export its manipulation of information?

China Disinformation. Fri, Oct 18, Richard Stengel on disinformation and the threat to democracy Disinformation—both foreign and domestic—is a catalytic harm that acts to magnify existing societal vulnerabilities. Disinformation Russia. Fri, Nov 1, Why the Islamic Republic of Iran keeps taking hostages After forty years, the evidence should be clear to even the most benighted.

Iran Middle East. Economic Sanctions.

Issue Spotlight: Disinformation

Elections Political Reform. Wed, Oct 30, Present at the re-creation: A global strategy for revitalizing, adapting, and defending a rules-based international system We need a new strategy—one that is both ambitious and innovative, geared towards meeting the challenges and opportunities that the new decade brings.