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Both Counselling and Coaching use the core skills of listening, asking questions, raising awareness and moving a person forwards.

What is a life coach?

Counselling and therapy may also include psychiatry and diagnosis, neither of which are part of coaching. Coaching is about moving from the present into the future — by setting goals and specifically taking action to move you there. Coaching keeps you focused and holds you accountable as you take steps towards who you want to be and the life you want to have.

We work together for as long as it is beneficial to you — and you are enjoying the sessions.

How a Life Coach Can Help You Improve Your Life

It is recommended that you start with a month time period — to allow you to get going and achieve something meaningful during our time together. Some people have had a relationship with their coach for years and more, while some people achieve great value from just 3 months — especially if they are highly motivated and want to work through a specific issue.

The Social Circle Secrets You've Been Missing - From TNL's Newest Coach

My request is that people simply stay with me as long as they love the coaching experience and feel like they are getting great value! Our clients are smart, strong, successful and passionate women.

How can I become a better boss/employee/parent/partner?

They are ready to make a change and:. Only you know the answer to this question. Are you willing to be honest with yourself? Open to a better future and ready to believe in yourself? Willing to adopt a more positive outlook on life?

Are you truly committed to change and prepared to work at it? Are you ready to be accountable for your life, decisions and actions?

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Because nothing changes if nothing changes. You alone can be responsible for your results in life and your success depends on your commitment and willingness to change.

Problems Coaching Solves

Are you ready to commit to yourself and try something different? Home About What Is Coaching? Suggest a question here 1.

So, what is Coaching? Coaching originated with top-achieving corporate individuals and sports athletes. It has now become a wide-spread phenomenon amongst successful individuals in all walks of life. Coaching is a unique skill set honed from great philosophers and positive thinkers over the centuries.

Frequently Asked Questions - Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium & Mentor

Life coaching can be conducted in person, by e-mail, or on the phone. To find out if Life Coaching is the right choice for you, book a complimentary session today by calling For full program selections and the latest details check out our program guide. Still want to know more? Contact us at fcss coldlake. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Personal Life Coaching Create the life you want to live — one step at a time! Are you experiencing anger and conflict in your relationships?

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  7. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the life demands around you? Are you ready to make a change in your life?