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Of course, with Ulrich, who snores like a flock of chainsaws, it's a survival instinct! Odd: Nothing to worry about. I oversleep at least three times a week! Of course, with Ulrich, who snores like a grizzly, it's a question of survival! Ulrich: Sans blague? Fumey: Aah!

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Ah, les petits cachottiers! Fumey: Oh! I would never have guessed! I'll excuse their absence this time. Admirez l'artiste! Jim: In other words, a few moments of grace and harmony in a world of brutes! But rather than giving you a long speech, I'd prefer to give you a little demonstration. Admire the artist! Yumi: Well if that's grace, I think I'd still prefer the brutes! Jim: And that means But since, as someone once said, a picture's worth a thousand words, here's a demonstration!

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Admire the finesse! Yumi: You know what I think? That's about as graceful as tractor pulling! William: Surtout si vous me jouez un sale tour, je suis du genre rancunier. William: I remember everything, and I'm great at holding a grudge. William: So that was her little secret: a high-tech hideout, a sci-fi version of Ali Baba's cave! William: So that's your secret.

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A supercomputer hideout. That's incredible.

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Les orders c'est moi qui les donne! Yumi: Faut permettez que je l'accompagne monsieur, j'veux m'assurer qu'il aura le punition qu'il merite! Allez-y, mademoiselle Ishiyama. Yumi: You have to let me take him Jim, I want to make sure he gets the punishment he deserves! Jim: Good idea! Go on, Miss Ishiyama. And good on you, we need more students like you!

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Yumi: Let me take him to the principal's office, just to make sure he doesn't run away! Go on and take him, Miss Ishiyama! That's very responsible attitude on your part. Ulrich: Sorry guys, but it's dangerous to have three riders on one motorcycle. And I'm not insured for it, either! Ulrich: Sorry, guys Same treatment for everyone! William: And I bet that bag contained all the right stuff to create a nice fireworks display William: I'll bet he came here fully equipped to blow your factory sky high!

Odd: D'accord, d'accord!

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  8. Odd: Ok, ok! We'll share our family stories later, we don't have time right now! Ulrich: Right. So Mister Specialist, where's the detonator? Odd: Ok! Family stories are all very moving, but Ulrich: Thanks, Odd. So, where do you think we'll find the detonator? Je vais chercher Aelita! Odd: He really does deserve to be one of us. Besides, we could use another solider.

    Ulrich: Il est courageux et il f'rait un super Lyoko-guerrier! Je l'pense vraiment! Ulrich: He's brave, and he'd make a great Lyoko Warrior. I didn't blackball him. Temporary Insanity. Odd: J'donne des p'tits noms aux monstres que j'atomise, c'est plus humain! Odd: I give nicknames to the monsters I blow to smithereens, it's more humane! And right on cue, there's Lucienne. Laser arrow! Oh, she seems angry! Odd: I love giving nicknames to the monsters I blow to smithereens. Odd: Tiens, passe-moi le canif d'Ulrich! Yumi: Le perds pas!

    Odd: Two great legs, two slim, muscular arms, one torso of Apollo and a head to match. Odd: Two great legs Jim: Poliakoff!

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    Jim: You're talking nonsense lit. Remue-toi y'a deux Tarentules qui nous emportent! C'est XANA! Ulrich: Faites quelque chose! Odd: Jeremy! Get a move on! Two Tarantulas are taking us away! It's XANA! He's trapped us! Get us out of here! Ulrich: Do something! Reload me! Two Tarantulas are getting the better of us! Odd: Yumi! Do something! Yumi: Bon ben merci, et puis l'accueil super cool, changez rien! Odd: Maybe they kinda had the hots lit.

    Doctor: Euh euhh ceux Phan: Mais qu'est-ce que? Phan: But two teenagers having an episode at the same time, that strange, isn't it? Doctor: Uh uhh those Phan: What the? Phan: Huh?!

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    Odd: T'as compris q'ton 10 de Q. Jeremy: C'est parti m'dame! Une Berline blanche dans une minute! Jeremy: Aelita? Jeremy: Super! Aelita: Jeremy, it worked! Jeremy: Yeah Jeremy: Don't worry. The boys have come to their senses, if I may say so, and they're on their way! Jeremy: It's on the way. By now, Ulrich and Odd should be close to Sector 5, Yumi. On cache des revues de Jeremy: D'informatique, m'sieur.

    Jim: And those, what are they? Are you stashing po Jeremy: Computer magazines, Sir.