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There's so little time! Nicholas flew In his sleigh full of birch rods and razor strops, too.

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Ev'ry size, shape and thickness of ferule and cane Each with the sole purpose of bare bottom pain. Then as quick as wink Stephie turned in surprise As he dropped down the chimney before her wide eyes. Santa brushed off the soot, then to Stephanie said, "Young lady, you oughtn't to be out of bed! In Sugarplum Dreamland is where you should be. I'm sorry I disobeyed Mum!

spank me santa

I just Nicholas scoffed, "There are many more kids I still need to correct Before this night's over, to teach them respect! He unfastened her drop seat, it fell, and her two Little saucy bare bottomcheeks came into view. Stephie started to cry.

From the doorway she then noticed Santa and said "Hello Santa! You're out of bed! This past year my Stephanie must have done some Unseemly behaviors for which her bare bum Has escaped the chastisement a little girl needs To ensure secret naughtiness never succeeds.

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Stephanie told you a lie! What else could she do?! Nick, and reached in his sled Pulling out a blue box tied with ribbons of red. After Mum felt that Stephie had learned a good lesson She set down her hairbrush and with an expression Of keen curiosity, wanted to learn "Is that all my child did in the past year to earn A session face down over my lap to feel A spanking for things which she tried to conceal?

Don't tell on me!

Krampus: the demonic Santa Claus you haven't heard about - Vox

About how Stephie feeds any foods that she hates Slipped under the table from off of her plate To Fido who gulps it all down with delight And how Steph plays with matches to watch them ignite. Stephie sat on Mum's lap, Santa reached in his sleigh For a long narrow package with ribbons so gay "Happy Holiday, Stephie! Nick "For your year's bad behavior this should do the trick! It burns with a horrible heat! Don't spank me again!

And please not with that strap!

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Santa saw all the days when you were 'good as gold,' When you picked up your legos without being told, You helped Mom in the kitchen bake pastries and bread, And pulled all the bindweeds from her flowerbed. All the times you were quiet when Mommy's head ached, All the dishes you washed and the leaves that you raked, All your kind thoughts and kind words for family and friends, Come Christmastide, Stephi, now pay dividends!

A Happier New Year awaits! They're just what I wanted! Nick, "Now I bid you 'good night. Claus when they play too many pranks on each other. After giving them all a sound spanking, Mrs.

Spanked Over Santa’s Lap (Submissive Katie Gets a Spanking) - eBook

Santa knows his wife, and he gives her exactly what she needs to feel forgiven. Office Santa: Sheila Brennan gets more than she bargained for when her hot new boss dresses up as the company Santa. Tony Grayson has noticed her little mini-skirts and finds them inappropriate for business attire.

go to link A Christmas Spanking: Dana Taylor returns home to the ranch she inherited from her parents. The attraction between them is strong, but after several upsetting incidents, Chase decides only one thing will straighten up Ms. Your email address will not be published.