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Zeus : Who are you, knave, that defies Olympus? I am Prometheus. And I have come to bring fire to the gods. Disbelieve memory.

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Discard evidence. Deny the truth.

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Mysteries deepen as a cursed valkyrie investigates the source of her condition, a young woman goes missing, and monsters are reported in the lands of the north. Lindworms, jotun, and ettin have been seen, along with wolves the size of horses. Surely, this means Ragnarok is at hand.

Norse Mythology: Saga

And yet, it's not just the gods who are making trouble. Groups like Potentia ad Populum and the Carthaginian Liberation Party take radical steps to throw off the yoke of Rome… and bring the power of the gods into every mortal hand. Make new enemies. Confront prophecy. Bellows, Henry Adams Trans. The Poetic Edda. Princeton University Press.

Byock, Jesse Trans.

The Prose Edda. Penguin Classics.

Snorri Sturluson: Edda. First published in London: Everyman. Volume III. London: George Bell and Sons. First you state that all the Aesir goddesses are really Frigga, then all the others become aspects of Freyja; and everyone knows Frigga and Freyja are really the same goddess, and there you are.


The Goddess Saga: Book I

Someone once wrote a book claiming to show that all the gods were aspects of Odin — I look forward to the book that does the same with the goddesses. I think that there may have been a deep connection between the two, like that of Hoenir and Mimir, although the symbolism is a little different. He refers to Sogunes, which may well have been named for the goddess. Odin, of course. Oxford UP, Kindle Edition.

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Simek, Rudolf trans. Brewer, Cambridge.

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