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But I might just have to try your new watercolor set! I love that idea about doing pens on one side and markers on the other…I will definitely have to give that a go as soon as I pick up some tracing paper. And yes, Prismacolor markers are an old favorite of mine, too! This is a very helpful list.

Stumbling on this post has been a great find. Hello Gayla! I use markers stabilo has done me well, but I like a range of points and feels and I like the non-smudgy Verithin line of colored pencils from Prismacolor. Thanks for sharing a bit about your own on-the-road techniques, Todd! Next time at the store, one goes in my bag!

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Micron pens are the best! Thanks for your comment, Rita! Great tools recommendations for on the go! I also do alot of sketching while traveling and recently got into watercolors. I just purchased the Derwent canvas pencil holder to keep everything organized! Candace, seeing this post is so well timed! Hi Candace.

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Great post, awesome quotes. Thank you for comparing past and present and the evolution of creativity, not only with style but materials as well.

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Also that one need not spend a fortune on lots of materials that may not be needed or used. I like that you are able to minimize what you take with you. I hope to accomplish this one day! However I removed the paint cakes and squeezed in my favourite Daniel Smith Watercolours. Along time ago I had also purchased empty pans that would fit in this box and can change the colours without wasting the paint. I still like Daniel Smith Watercolours and my field box. I have migrated to using the waterbushes and Pitt artist pens.

I have always used the kneaded erasers but I do like the vinyl eraser as it seems cleaner. I used to be faithful to the 5 x 8 black hardcover sketchbook but since starting up again my choices have been erratic. I recently purchased a Moleskine 3 x 5 watercolour sketchbook that I really want to try. Your sketch of supplies was in Costa Brava — we were there in in Tossa de Mar. We also drove up the coast to Figueres to the Dali museum and a stop in Girona.

It was oh so inspiring and beautiful. I had taken my sketching stuff and sadly never even opened the book. I definitely want to go back and take in this area at a slower, more enjoyable pace and to definitely do lots of sketching! I love the blue and white cloth that your beautiful sketchbook and supplies are on in the photo above! Thank you again Candace for another great post!

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Thank you so much for this amazingly detailed note, Treava—I loved hearing more about how your own favorite materials have evolved over the years! I also loved hearing that you were also exploring the Costa Brava the same year I was—how fun would it be if we crossed paths in Tossa de Mar one day? I would love that if one day our paths crossed Candace.

The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear: The sketch artist.

The vibe in Tossa was wonderful, but busy. It was August, peak tourist season, but it was wonderful. Thank you again Candace! This is so helpful Candace, for me as a beginner. Again, you give a comprehensive guide in such a concise manner, and as always, so inspiring!!!!!! Now I can walk into an art supplies with a more purposeful mind. Thank you very much for sharing with us. What do you hear in the background? Establishing trust is critical, especially when children are involved. Even when things are going well, it can be tough. Messick remembers a 6-year-old boy who watched his father get shot. And I remember that, you know, just as vivid.

Messick credits his faith and family with providing balance. The wall next to a chair where witnesses often sit holds a bulletin board filled with photos of Messick's wife and two young sons. He wants witnesses to see him as someone who cares. But having someone that I trained to translate, that gives that bridge, that makes them feel comfortable.

Messick said his job is not to actually identify a suspect but to provide a tool for detectives. He draws the parts that make up a face. Detective Anthony Brokaw works in the crimes against children unit for Phoenix police. Just after 3 a.

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She pretended to be asleep as he carried her a few blocks away and, when he set her down, she took off running. About eight hours after the girl had been kidnapped, cops had a sketch and hit the streets.